SHAY Work-out furniture
For Nina Havermans a key to feeling fit lies in integrating playful activity into the daily routine. ‘Shay’ invites intuitive, challenging and spontaneous movement.
SHAY is about feeling fit and healthy through uncomplicated and childlike pleasure in balancing. Both upright and tipped over it offers playful ways to train core stability through balance. Simple yet versatile, this piece of work-out furniture can seamlessly be integrated into daily life.

Nina Havermans:

‘Feeling fit should be a part of your daily life.
Sport activities require the ability to invest time and means, which are not always available to everyone. To easily and responsibly integrate healthy activity into your daily life, I created SHAY. My inspiration: to capture and implement uncomplicated, childlike pleasure in self-invented active play.’

SHAY is versatile in its use but also in placement. For the home it is a stool by itself or by a desk or table. Due to the range of material potential and functions it can just as well be a playful training tool in a gym, a stool for a waiting room and with its balancing aspect even used for cesar therapy practice.

The physical activity performed with SHAY is based on core stability training through balancing. You playfully develop movement skills that improve performance, contribute to a fit body and prevent injuries.

The aim of core stability training is to strengthen the above areas and therefore, provide strength and control to all physical actions and overall physical health.

Shay triggers core stability training through the act of balancing due to its unstable shape. Whether you are sitting on it and subconsciously keeping your balance or actively using it, keeping your core tensed as a part of a more rigorous exercise.

By incorporating balancing in to any exercise or movement it becomes a far more intense experience. This is because there is far more neural activity and therefore more muscle fibers need to be recruited to complete the task.

Prototype 2012, available on request
Material: nubuck leather, wood, top and bottom with polyurea coating
Dimensions: 52cm x 29cm x 29cm

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